Tuesday, October 28, 2008

More Christmas Crafts...

Here is a craft from, there are tons of Christmas crafts, so visit them and enjoy!

Fancy Beaded Ornament Hooks

Designed by Twila Lenoir
Copyright © 2004-2008 Jane Lake All Rights Reserved

These beaded Christmas ornament hooks are best-sellers at Christmas bazaars and craft shows; they also make great homemade Christmas gifts.

Fancy Beaded Ornament Hooks

Supplies you will need:

18 Gauge copper wire or similar wire that you have on hand
Assorted pretty beads
Needle nose pliers
dowel - or something similar, like a pen, to bend the wire around

Ornament Hook Instructions

You'll be surprised how quick and easy these hooks are to make.

Clip off about 4 inches of wire. Find something fat enough to make a hook shape when you wind the wire around it - I used the handle of a paint brush. Bend the wire clockwise to make the hook then, on the straight end, thread on a very pretty bead. For smaller beads I added three beads with a bigger one in the middle and two smaller beads at each end. For larger beads, like the flag bead, one is enough. I love that flag bead!

When you thread on the last bead, bend the wire so that the beads won't fall off, as shown in the picture. With something larger than your first dowel or pen, (maybe a magic marker or a highlighter marker) bend a large loop, again going clockwise at first but with the next loops going anti-clockwise, or the opposite way of the first hook at the top.

Make the anti-clockwise loops with needle nose pliers, simply circling the wire in towards the larger loop.

Put a fancy Christmas ornament on the bottom loop and feed it through until it lies on the larger loop. Make several of these for a great homemade Christmas gift.

Fast, easy and it really does look great and one of a kind. Enjoy!